Volunteer FAQ

What will I be doing?

To feed at-risk children, families, and seniors, we primarily need your help sorting, packing and distributing food.By sorting, packing and distributing, you help provide thousands of meals each month to our hungry neighbors in Southwest Ohio. Projects vary and may include:

  • Evaluate, sort, and pack food.
  • Bag bulk produce into family-sized portions.
  • Pack food bags for children or boxes for senior citizens.

Other volunteer opportunities include supporting our administrative staff, delivering food to seniors, distributing food at a distribution site, or assisting with fundraising events.


How do I sign up to volunteer and when can I volunteer?

All volunteer shifts must be scheduled in advance. Walk-ins are not accepted. Schedules are based on the agency’s current needs and times available. We try to schedule volunteers for 2-4 hour time slots.

For our available volunteer hours or to receive email updates about upcoming volunteer opportunities, please contact Melena at (937) 325-8715 ext. 101 or email: mprasertsak@theshfb.org.


Can I bring a group of volunteers?

We rely heavily on our volunteer groups from companies, churches, and other community organizations. During this time and to keep everyone safe, we are limiting the number of volunteers in our warehouse to ensure everyone is able remain 6 feet apart. Currently, we are not able to accommodate large group volunteer requests.

We may have volunteer opportunities soon that are outdoors – we would then be able to accommodate more volunteers at one time. As those opportunities become available, we will include them on our website and social media channels.


Is there an age requirement to volunteer?

The minimum age for volunteers is 5 years old. Volunteers under the age 18 must have a Youth Volunteer Waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. All volunteers younger than age 16 must volunteer with an adult.

Youth volunteer safety ratio is 1 adult volunteer for every 7 volunteers under age 18.

While volunteering is a great way to teach children about service, before signing up it is important to assess a child’s maturity levels and ability to listen and follow directions. Our projects take place in an industrial warehouse with dangerous operating equipment and safety is a major concern, particularly for young children.


Are there physical requirements to volunteer?

Volunteers must be able to sit, stand, walk, stoop, communicate verbally by phone or in person. Be able to lift up to 30 pounds unassisted.


Is there a dress code?

The dress code for warehouse volunteers is casual and comfortable. All warehouse volunteers must wear closed-toe shoes. No high heels. Volunteers wearing sandals or flip-flops will not be allowed to volunteer.

Warehouse temperature changes with the weather outside. Clothing cannot be torn, grayed, dirty, or reveal any part of the cleavage, midriff, or buttocks. No spandex, no tank tops, no spaghetti strap tops, no hats or bandanas, no offensive pictures or slogans on shirts. Skirts or shorts must not be shorter than two (2) inches above the knee.

Gloves will be provided if the task is necessary for them.

Volunteers may be asked to follow a different dress code for special events and volunteer opportunities outside the warehouse.


What do I need to bring with me when I volunteer?

Volunteers do not need to bring anything with them unless they are required to have community service documentation for school or court. Volunteers may bring a refillable plastic water.

Bags and purses are not allowed in the warehouse. Lockers and a coat rack are provided for storing any items you do not want to keep in your car. Keep personal and valuable items to a minimum (i.e. electronics, jewelry, etc.), as Second Harvest Food Bank CCL is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items.


Do I need to attend training to become a volunteer?

All volunteer opportunities require basic to intermediate training on safety and food handling. Advanced training may be required for specialized administrative or volunteer leader opportunities.


What do I need to know to stay safe in a warehouse?

Second Harvest Food Bank LLC is always concerned with the safety of all volunteers, employees, and guests. Volunteers work in a warehouse environment around hazardous equipment and chemicals. We want our volunteers to have a fun and rewarding experience while also abiding by our safety standards.

Read our hazardous material volunteer training.


Do I need to be there for the entire shift?

Yes. Each shift includes a welcome, training, time to work on the project, and a wrap-up that includes a report on how much was accomplished. When volunteers arrive late or leave early, they are unable to enjoy the full volunteer experience. If you cannot stay for the entire shift, please sign up to volunteer at another time.


What if I need to cancel my shift, or change my reservation?

To cancel your volunteer shift, please contact Melena at (937) 325-8715 ext. 101 or email: mprasertsak@theshfb.org.


Am I able to complete mandated community service hours for social service agencies or court?

Schools and/or corporations may require community service hours throughout the year.

Court Appointed Community Service hours will not be credited to volunteers working at any other time, or for any other volunteer opportunity. Volunteers with the following charges (past or present) are not eligible to complete their hours at Second Harvest Food Bank CCL: drugs or drug trafficking, violent crime, breaking and entering, theft, sexual abuse or assault.


Where are you located and where should I park?

Parking is available in the fenced-in parking lot located off of Columbia Street or Murray Street at the West end of the warehouse building.

The Second Harvest Food Bank CCL in Springfield is located East of downtown. The address is 31 North Sycamore Street, Springfield, OH 45503.

If you are volunteering for an off-site event, we will send you the address when you sign up to for the volunteer project.


Where do I go and who is my contact when I arrive at Second Harvest?

Volunteers are to enter the door labeled “Volunteer Entrance.” The volunteer coordinator will greet you, and helps you sign-in and obtain an ID badge.


What if I still have questions about volunteering?

We are happy to help! For our available volunteer hours or to receive email updates about upcoming volunteer opportunities, please contact Melena at (937) 325-8715 ext. 101, email: mprasertsak@theshfb.org .

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