Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

  • Targeting hunger to serve and educate through community partnerships.

Our Vision

  • Second Harvest is committed to compassion for those suffering from food insecurity in our communities served.

Our Values

  • RESPECT: Treating others, as we want to be treated. Accepting all persons for their unique gifts, circumstances and needs. Believing in the inherent worth and sacredness of each person.
  • INTEGRITY: Seeking to effect wholesomeness in all our relationships – individually and organizationally. Keeping our word, and being faithful to who we say we are.
  • COMPASSION: Caring and comforting in a personalized manner through our diverse presence as social service providers.
  • HOSPITALITY: Welcoming all, especially those most vulnerable and in need, to an environment of dignity, safety, warmth and a sense of being “at home”.
  • EXCELLENCE: Consistently aiming to achieve highest quality outcomes while striving for innovation, collaboration and continuous quality improvement.
  • STEWARDSHIP: Making use of all our human, material, environmental and financial resources in a responsible and accountable manner.
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