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Map the Meal Gap

We believe that addressing the problem of hunger requires a thorough understanding of the problem. For the eighth consecutive year, Feeding America has undertaken the Map the Meal Gap analysis to continue learning about how the face of food insecurity can vary at the local level. By better understanding variations in local need, communities can develop more targeted strategies to better reach people struggling with hunger. Although Feeding America continually seeks to meet the needs of food-insecure people, quantifying the need for food within a community can be challenging.

In September 2017, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Economic Research Service released its most recent food insecurity report, indicating that more than 41 million people in the United States live in food-insecure households, of whom 13 million are children (Coleman-Jensen et al., 2017a). While the magnitude of the problem is clear, national and even state estimates of food insecurity can mask the variation that exists at the local level.

Ohio Statistics

In Ohio, 1,758,310 people are struggling with hunger – and of them 528,960 are children.

1 in 7 people struggle with hunger.

1 in 5 children struggle with hunger.







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